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We have opened our home, and transformed it into an “(Un)schoolhouse” in Nelson, BC.  The vision was sparked when I visited Portland, OR a few years back.  I met the amazing Krista and David at Tierra Soul, who seeded the concept…And so a new (Un)Schoolhouse was born in the Kootenays ~ thanks to their tribal catalyst inspiration!

At the (Un)Schoolhouse, the Earth Rhythms series is open to local homelearning families living near Nelson who seek to gather in a structural rhythm throughout the year.  It consists of six, 3 week-series, each around a seasonal celebration.  Enough to engage a multi-aged extended family around preparing & sharing food, fire and care for the earth.

~Delia Aaron


We are gathering as a community of families in a continuous way, yet with the rest phases in between so we can come to centre within our own families.  The intention is to harvest and prepare as much of our own food as we can, and learn from visiting our area’s farm animals who offer us eggs and milk; wool and meat; feathers and honey. We also come together to cook and share organic, omnivorous lunch meals.  We love taking trips to the farms who provide us locally with our food, and learn to honor our farmers!  At our sharing circles we also learn to honor the deeper stories and cycles of growth, harvest, decline and death.


Ages 6-12-ish

Maximum : 9 children


David & Delia

Weekly volunteer assistant mentor:  Parent, older child, aunt & uncle, or Elder. We also pay our respects to our wwoofers for their help!



Arrival: 10:30 am

Departure: 2:30 pm


We offer a 3-week series during each month listed below.  We break as needed during the summer & winter holiday months.  Weather permitting, we may adjust the timings of some outdoor activities for our comfort.


July – Lammas:

July 11:   Bee hive tour, beeswax salve making

July 18:   Berry picking and farm tour

July 25:   FAMILY LUNCH MEAL – Harvesting, floral salads, stuffed cream cheese squash flowers, huckleberry foraging & pie making


September – Harvest:

September 24:  FAMILY LUNCH MEAL in the Tipi – Traditional apple pressing, apple cider

October – Days of the Dead:

October 15: Feathered farm tour

October 22: Drum journey, animal totem art

October 29: FAMILY LUNCH MEAL ~ Ancestor Altar, donning costumes, story telling, turkey roast & bone stock making


December – Winter Solstice

December 3:    Wool crafting project

December 10:  Candle dipping for simple gifts

December 17:  FAMILY LUNCH MEAL ~ Festival of Lights, Advent Spiral

February  –   Imbolc

February 11:  Valentines – Truffle making

February 18:  Magic bundles, seed exchange

February 25:  FAMILY BRUNCH ~ Waffle party;  First Light of Spring ceremony


March – Spring Equinox

March 11:  Traditional tallow soap making

March 18:  Spring Milk, yoghurt making & simple cheese

March 25:  FAMILY LUNCH MEAL ~ Blossoms and grasses, dying eggs, scavengar hunt

May Days: 

May 6:     Goat Farm tour

May 13:   Sourdough bread baking

May 20:   FAMILY LUNCH MEAL, Water blessing & flower ceremony

Summer Solstice:

June 10:  Greenhouse tour, growing microgreens, adventure picnic

June 17:  Blind fold walks, kombucha potions

June 24: FAMILY LUNCH MEAL, End of Year ceremony with Tipi Raising

Our hope is that alliances will develop, and that families can continue to work together to share their talents in these projects.


Costs for craft supplies & ingredients are shared amongst participants as they arise.

Collective Family Lunch Meal takes place in the 3rd week of a series.  On this day, we welcome potluck contributions for the meal.

We ask that you make a commitment for at least one 3-week series.

Childbirth & Maiden Star* Coming of Age rites of passage with The Sistering Tree.

In celebrating the festivals of the Sacred Wheel of the year, we echo our lives with the cyclical changes in nature.  This is how we care for the Earth herself.



Contact us via a private reply by submitting the form below.

We look forward to celebrating and connecting with you!

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