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Market Day

It’s the official launch of the hand-crafted artisan “Boaz Bread” at the Cultured Kitchen.

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Our rustic gluten free  quinoa-buckwhat sourdough bread was a hit at Market Fest! Thank goodness we created an alternative to those store-bought gluten free white breads, like a frozen toilet paper brick loaf.

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Thanks to a real team effort – we are so grateful for our wwoofers Leora and Alison.

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What a lively, vibrant farmer’s market right here in Nelson, BC!

Happy Solstice!

Solar Power Cake ~ Earth Rhythms Youth Series End-of-Year Potluck Celebration!

Sun Cake

Happy Solstice!

Get Cultured

Cooking poster rendered by Dave

Food Status

It's complicated

Water Kefir Grains

‘Water kefir grains’, otherwise known as tibicos or water crystals are used to make a delicious probiotic drink.  This is a great vegan alternative to dairy kefir, or those Bio-K drinks purchased at health food stores.

I have healthy, home grown water crystals ready for give away if you live in the Nelson, BC area.  Contact me for information on pick-up location.

Kraut-making Legacy

Beautiful representation of multi-generational family involved in traditional sauerkraut-making.

All fizzed up

First Street Kitchen – Fine moments shared at the probiotic drink making class last Wednesday.  Raising Kombucha toasts!

Fermentation Secrets

It is time to Remember how our ancestors did it...toss away your canner!

In our September class, we’ll get right down to fermentation of fruits and veggies, using ‘culture as you go’ methods that neither require a lot of time, huge batches – or heating the enzymes out of your food.

Learn how to make cultured variations like sauerkraut and fruit chutney.  We’ll throw in a crunchy, savoury kale chip lesson too.

ENROLL EARLY!  Registration ends September 22. Scroll to the bottom of our Classes page for workshop schedule & how to register.  See you soon!

Can’t stop the crackers!

It was an action packed evening at our debut Cultured Kitchen class!

Thanks to all who came out for the microgreens and raw onion bread-making.

We topped our creations with a scrumptious seed cheese dip, and a sprig of dill to savour it all…

And lined up for some strawberry mint flavour kombucha tasting too!

The ‘Un” Cooking tribe.  Yep, we laughed, I cried (chopping onions) .  We got busy spreading our breads and planting our sunflower seeds.  Getting practiced and ready to bring our new culinary creations home.

Art of Bliss


Meet more ‘sacred food’ enthusiasts at our next upcoming class on Wednesday, August 29 in Nelson.

You CAN make your own chocolate at home…and enjoy a decadent soda too.

Get drinking healthy kombucha and water kefir tonics even kids will love.

Learn more by visiting  classes for registration information.  Maximum: 7 participants.

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