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A Move to Vancouver

After much contemplation and reflection, The Cultured Kitchen and the (Un)Schoolhouse are now closing.

I will always be connected to the earth and nutrition, and this will continue to be a good part of my work.  With my son heading into his teens and David’s career move, my vocation shifts towards Women’s Health Mentoring & the Maiden Star* program for adolescent girls. Well, we are readying for BIG changes to embark on new projects…and now we move to Vancouver!

We offer our deepest thanks for all our fine moments shared at our Cultured Kitchen classes and the (Un)Schoolhouse learning circles, the seasonal feasts and farm tours over the years. Raising my son in the Kootenay mountains homeschooling is a precious Life chapter which we will forever cherish.

To view my alternative mentoring work, please visit The Sistering Tree Women’s Health Network and  Maiden Star*.

Sincere thanks for your blog readership,

~ Delia Aaron

Cuban Market

On my recent trip to the farmer’s market in Santa Marta, Cuba, the atmosphere was bustling with flavour and a colourful array of fruits and vegetables.

Cuba Food Blog-ROTATE

After 1 week desperate to find a lemon, I struck gold!  Below you see how happy I am to encounter a pile of citrus.

Cuba food blog-2-CROP

Compared to our western supermarkets, there are very limited food choices to our North American standards.

Cuba Food blog-CROP-2

I had a tour of the garden centre. The vibrant Cuban street life was truly amazing!

Good Mood Nutrition

Hopefully you’ve experienced the calm and emotional stability that a traditional nutrient dense diet can provide.  I’ve witnessed the powerful link between mood and food, especially as it affects PMS during a woman’s menstrual cycle.


Sugar and caffiene affects hormones, and the adrenalin and cortisol released by the adrenals.Protein is the magic blood sugar stabilizer. I recommend soaked, sprouted almonds to stave off sugar cravings!


The seat of emotional health. Kefiring Astragalus and Reishi as an immune builder.


I take a shot glass of fizzy per day during cold/flu season – and swear by it!

Healthy Fats/Oils





The Unschooling Tribe

Over the years, the kids got muddy, observing insects, and interacting with farm animals. Knowing the plants of the forest as they foraged for food. Children learning to gather wood for a tipi fire, make herbal teas and remedies, and building snow caves. They witnessed bees pollinating flowers and dipped beeswax candles. They continue to knead bread dough and make yogurt cheese from fresh cow milk. Because the skills they are learning are practical and healthy, we consider our hands-on gatherings Permaculture kids education. A holistic design approach that mimics natural ecosystems and encourages beneficial relationships.

Preview of “UNschoolhouse Poster-final”

At the (Un)Schoolhouse we’ve done our fullest to offer kids a natural foundation, while embracing nature’s  birth and death cycles.  And Yet…as we witness our children crossing the threshold into Adolescence, they are ever-reaching to the modern world for identity and connectedness. We invite support for a healthy coming of age process in the expanding spheres of wider societal membership, peer group and emergent sexuality. Intrigued? Come help pioneer the work at the Maiden Star* Coming of Age program for Girls, and a Boys Rite of Passage program evolving here in Nelson.


Nesting In

We are nesting in.  Not a peep of outward activity during our mid-winter slumber.  Rest, rest and let the dreamy visions arise from the soul’s deep terrain.
Winter Solstice photsStay tuned for First Light of Spring Awakenings next month!

The New Economy

Makes me feel good about my recent trade of honey for local, wild meat.  Don’t miss the ‘Living the New Economy Conference’ this month in Victoria, BC!  Check out:


Learn what Real Wealth really means at this exciting convergence of ideas and resources to help you thrive in the New Economy.

Bone Broth

Roast your organic/wild marrow bones, and then into a stock pot.  Fill with water and a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for  a 72-hour simmer.

bone roast

Bone broth is an excellent source of minerals and is known to boost the immune system, restore the adrenals, soothe the nervous system and is healing a digestive aid. It also helps with hormonal balancing too. Its’ high calcium, magnesium, amino acids, phosphorus AND collagen properties make it a super powerful supplement.

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