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delia3-1.jpgI’m a bit of a hearth keeper these days as a stay at home mom.  At times, I feel concerned about the state of the world, yet I don’t want to bury my head in the sand either. What I have learned is that cooking traditional foods helps to heal the whole body system by slowing us down.  The grinding, nurturing and spiraling actions of preparing living foods were also the rhythmic motions of our ancestors. Cooking slow food helps us return to centre, connecting us with our ancient knowing. We begin to find our own personal pulse and culinary rhythm.  When we ceremoniously share sacred foods, the nervous system calms, the body feels nourished, and our very DNA breathes a sigh of Gratitude.

Really, it’s simple.

A wise grandmother once said:

“When the winds of change blow strongly…go inside, light a fire and make soup.”

I like that.


Delia holds a BA in Urban & Regional Planning specializing in Sustainable Communities & Food Systems with an honours thesis entitled ‘The Eco-village: A New Paradigm for Human Habitat’. She views food as central to weaving together community, health, history, culture, lineage, and the environment. She is passionate about nutrient dense food ways, and the benefits of whole, slow and local foods. In 2006, Delia became certified Living Foods Chef, with a current counseling focus in the area of women’s health & wellness. Active over the years in birth education supporting pregnant & postpartum mothers, Delia also enjoys guiding and mentoring youth in her community.  She is the co-founder and facilitator of the Maiden Star* Coming of Age program for adolescent girls, and the creator of the Earth Rhythms program for Homelearners in Nelson, BC.  Her current work now in Vancouver focuses on private 1:1 counselling and facilitation of wellness retreats and workshops.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for providing such interesting information. I have been eating healthy for years, so much so that my wife is tired of hearing about “super foods”. Even so, there is a huge amount I don’t know. I’ll be back to learn more.

  2. Thanks Brian! Glad you’ve tuned into our happenings. Feel free to click ‘Follow’ to learn more about future projects in & around Nelson regarding whole foods cooking classes.
    Best Wishes,

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