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Can’t stop the crackers!

It was an action packed evening at our debut Cultured Kitchen class!

Thanks to all who came out for the microgreens and raw onion bread-making.

We topped our creations with a scrumptious seed cheese dip, and a sprig of dill to savour it all…

And lined up for some strawberry mint flavour kombucha tasting too!

The ‘Un” Cooking tribe.  Yep, we laughed, I cried (chopping onions) .  We got busy spreading our breads and planting our sunflower seeds.  Getting practiced and ready to bring our new culinary creations home.

Art of Bliss


Meet more ‘sacred food’ enthusiasts at our next upcoming class on Wednesday, August 29 in Nelson.

You CAN make your own chocolate at home…and enjoy a decadent soda too.

Get drinking healthy kombucha and water kefir tonics even kids will love.

Learn more by visiting  classes for registration information.  Maximum: 7 participants.

Wednesday Workshops

We’ve been busy.

The microgreens are sprouting, the crackers are dehydrating, the sunflower seeds are soaking.

Get ready to prepare some raw creations…

See you this Wednesday at the First Street Kitchen, at our debut class in Nelson!

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